Hello all,

Our yellow lab Addie turned 3 this July. In August she starting biting her paws for the first time so we took her to the vet and they thought it was likely the development of seasonal allergies and that once it got cold they would lessen or go away. It is now the end of November and while it hasn't been terribly cold in Maryland, we have had some freezing temps. She is still biting her paws so we are turning our attention to her food.

She has also recently developed loose stools so perhaps it is time to switch the food. That is easier said than done with all the food discussions out there and I feel like I could research for months and still not know which way to go.

Do we jump right to grain-free? Perhaps it is one of the proteins in her food? She has been on Fromm Adult Gold for over 2 years now. Never really had any issues before. The food does include duck, chicken, lamb, and fish meal so there are a lot of proteins.

We'd like to solve both the biting paw and loose stool issues.

Any chance it is still seasonal allergies and just hasn't been cold long enough?

Any advice on trying a one protein food or switching to grain free?