Hi All,
Grover is almost four and up until 2 week ago he was pottied on leash in the city (or when we were out on our daily hikes in nature). When we first moved to our house with a private, fenced backyard 2 weeks ago, he pooped and peed regularly and seemed to understand the concept of pottying in the backyard. He has always been praised and treated after pottying. I pick up after him immediately because if I miss a poop or wait to long I notice he will try to "bury" it with his nose.
In the last few days he has not peed in the yard. Sunday we went on a hike so he emptied himself in nature but he has gone 36 hours now without peeing because I have been waiting him out. I know if I took him for a leashed walk in the neighborhood he would mark and pee. He understands what "out" means and when he had a little diarrhea last week ago he wined at the back door so I know he knows how to tell me he has to go. We've gone out to the backyard 4 times yesterday and this AM for 20 minutes a stretch but no peeing...just pooping. It seems cruel to wait him out like this but I want him to know that he needs to potty in the backyard. Should I keep waiting him out? 36 hours is a long time! How long can I wait him out?