Hi! my 3 month male named Boone has had night diarrhea since we got him at 8 weeks. weve been to the vet over and over. hes tested negative for parvo twice.
hes been on antibiotics twice.
when he is on the antibiotics he doesn't have night diarrhea, but as soon we take him off the diarrhea comes back. were just at a loss... between our two kids, jobs, and waking up two to three times a night to clean up dog diarrhea...were exhausted!!!!

has anyone gone through this???

also we were told we needed to change his food. she recommended science diet, but we don't like the brand...
hes eating taste of the wild. and he STINKS!!! no baths or anything will get rid of the stink. my husband has said multiple times that it smells like kitty litter ?? we have no cats and no litter boxes anywhere near us hahaha.