Okay to sporadically run/bike with 14 month old?
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Thread: Okay to sporadically run/bike with 14 month old?

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    DefaultOkay to sporadically run/bike with 14 month old?

    Boomer is 14 months now. When try to what I call "walk" together, he hates it. I am way too slow for him and he want to hustle. We do treat/train walks where he 'looks' and stops/sits and pays attention to me as we walk down the street. However, I know he doesn't really like it. He wants to pull. Not a crazy three feet ahead on a taunt leash dragging me pull, but an annoying slight tug and start to wear out my arm pull. We switched over to a prong collar and he is better but he still applies pressure. So we 'look/stop/sit/treat'.

    Again, he wants to run. I know this type of walking is doing nothing for his energy level and I can't do two hours of it to try to wear him out.

    I have taken him mountain biking on trails near me. He follows very well and absolutely loves it. Thirty minutes of running wipes him out for the day. However, these trails are not something I can go to every day.
    I have taken him a few times on a bike run on leash. He loves that too but it is on pavement.

    I know hard surface isn't good until growth plates close and I read don't force run until 18-24 months.

    What about an occasional street run at 14 months old?
    And trail/dirt running more often?

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    I would wait. Orthopedic surgery is pretty expensive.

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    i would NOT until joints are done growing. he's till in full development and the hard impact on pavement can cause long term damage. not a question of being "able to keep up" cuz clearly they can. It's just not an age appropriate exercise.

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    question: what exercise is he getting daily? off leash? He needs off leash time daily to run off the crazies then you can work on loose leash training. keep it short at first. the tool doesn't "teach" the dog anything it just gives you control. I highly recommend a basic obedience class.

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    Exercise is good. Forced exercise on hard pavement is not no matter the age. Running with you in the mountains (I assume a fast trot or lope) is no different than the field trial trainers put their pups through... I wouldn't worry about it.

    Another option is to find a hunt test club and train with them.... retrieving long marks takes care of both exercise and training.
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