Otis needs to lose a few pounds!
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Thread: Otis needs to lose a few pounds!

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    DefaultOtis needs to lose a few pounds!

    I had my 7 yr old chocolate male at the vet yesterday and he definitely packed a few lbs. on over the Winter months. He weighed in at 119 lbs. I've been feeding him the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Healthy Weight. We feed him 3-1/2 cups a day divided into 2 servings. Our vet recommended Purina Pro Plan. Looking for some input from the masses here. Anyone else use the Purina Pro? And what are you guys feeding your labs?

    Were going to scale him down to 2 cups of Blue and start mixing in some green beans until we decide which formula were going to switch to.

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    I feed Purina ProPlan.

    Pick something with many less calories and lower protein/fat than you're currently feeding, and figure out the actual kcal/day he needs (based on desired weight) - and feed it. His current weight is not good for his health or joints. I don't know what he should be - but I know I have yet to see a Lab where 120lbs was good body condition. Most males should be in the 80-90lb range.
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