Unfortunately i found a little red rash on my 3 year old black lab 2 weeks ago and then on friday (a week later) i noticed it had turned into a raised lump. I took her straight to the vet and they did a biopsy, which confirmed it is a mast cell tumour (cancer). She had an operation yesterday to remove the lump and we are now waiting for the pathology/grade.

I am super worried, because i hear young dogs and labrador retrievers tend to have more aggressive type of MCT than other breeds. I also heard grade 3 is not curable. I don't understand why vets don't try to cure cancer in dogs, like in humans, it is for humane reason? I mean they use chemo regardless.

I am hoping luck is on our side, as i myself was diagnosed with breast cancer just over 4 months ago. The waiting of the results is agonising and one i am oh so familiar with.

Appreciate any thoughts