Over six months ago, I got my two back on the Sentinel Spectrum chew tablets for flea, heartworm, etc. Since they restarted the medication, they have not missed a month. They gets baths and allow me to run flea combs through their hair. All to no avail! These fleas must be super-fleas or something. They will not take the hint and leave. No matter how many baths they get or how many time I brush them, I am still finding fleas. They all range from large in size to tiny in size. I've even resorted to sitting with them on the floor, going through their fur with my fingers, picking fleas out, and popping them on the floor with my fingernail. That has become a daily routine now. But they just keep coming! I can't understand where they are coming from anymore.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks? They're going for their semi-annual vet checkup next Monday but this is driving me crazy. I've bathed them in the water/apple cider vinegar/dawn mixture. I make sure to pick out every single one I can find during bath time and then pop them.