Desperately seeking info on infection
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Thread: Desperately seeking info on infection

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    DefaultDesperately seeking info on infection

    I am the owner of precious Lab who is having complications following a routine TPLO. Following a 5 day stay at the surgical center, we immediately noticed a lot of edema in his surgical leg. After several weeks of ongoing issues we took him to our local vet and had the incision site cultured. The culture results were positive for pseudomonas. We also discovered several weeks later that he had a fibula (head) fracture. However, he did not sustain a post operative injury of any sort, so I'm not sure why, when and how the fibula was fractured. Nonetheless, he went in for a 2nd sx approx 5 weeks following the TPLO. We were pleased with the fibula sx. No drainage, no swelling, etc. He is currently in an external fixator and is still on the antibiotic for the pseudomonas. We seemed to be having a good response to this tx plan and literally the next day (3 weeks post op) he has now taken a turn for the worse. He is extremely lethargic, short of breath and is crying when you try to get him up at all. His red blood cells were at 20% at his appt today.

    I'm extremely concerned and have no idea why this would be happening. I'm not even sure if it's possible for these symptoms to be related to the surgical issues we are experiencing, but coincidentally his original TPLO incision opened backed up a little and had a thick serum like drainage exiting the exact same time he became lethargic. Just curious if anyone has any advice or info on what could be going on? This little guy means sooooo much to our family and we are absolutely heartbroken at the thought of losing him. Thank you in advance for any help!

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    My guess is that his body is rejecting the TPLO plates. It's rare but it happens. Also if an infection gets in where they did the surgery, that could also lead to complications.

    What's the surgeon saying?

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