Irritated skin on neck/throat area
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Thread: Irritated skin on neck/throat area

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    DefaultIrritated skin on neck/throat area

    Help, please. My family rescued an approx. 6 year old male Lab on December 23 through a lab rescue group in Oklahoma. We took his collar off to give him a bath and noticed this large, red, foul smelling irritation on his skin. He scratches it occasionally. I scrubbed it lightly with antibacterial soap and rinsed it well. I made sure to dry the area with a cool hairdryer in the event it was yeast and left his collar off. It's in the fold of his skin/coat so it's not very noticeable unless you pull the skin apart. Please help. What can I do, if anything, until I can get him into my vet next week? I'm a bit disappointed that this wasn't noticed or treated prior to me getting him. Clearly, it's not a new condition.

    He was on Purina Pro Plan but we feed grain-free at our house so I'm hoping if it's a food allergy it will clear up.

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    Looks like a hot spot and yes, they can come on very quickly! He will likely need to have a vet shave and treat, but in the meantime, the antibacterial hand wash and other drying agents are your best options. Some swear by tea tree oil and silver colloidals or better yet, something like Vetricyn if you have a Coastal or farm store nearby.

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