With all the poopy talk around her one last question
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Thread: With all the poopy talk around her one last question

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    DefaultWith all the poopy talk around her one last question

    My wife is really concerned about Josie because her stool is a greenish color. It is firm not loose. We feed her Purina Pro Plan LB puppy formula. Any suggestion's ?

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    DefaultRe: With all the poopy talk around her one last question

    from http://www.smellypoop.com/poop.html

    What is the cause of green poop?
    (Question submitted by ap, CrAzYMiC98 and several others)

    I have consulted with a doctor, a physiologist and a microbiologist on this question, and the following summarizes their answers:
    Healthy people can have green poop if they eat a diet rich in leafy green vegetables, or if they consume large quantities of food coloring (in ice cream, cake frosting etc.).
    Green poop can also be caused by excess iron in the diet, from dietary supplements, for example. If the body does not absorb all the iron consumed, the iron may stain the poop green, the color of iron (II) salts. Ordinarily, the green color may be masked by the normal brown poop color, but if digestion is thrown off by illness so that bilirubin is less concentrated in the intestine, the green color may become apparent. This can happen when a person is afflicted with diarrhea.
    Green poop in sick babies may come from iron in baby formula not being properly absorbed, or by green pigments in bile salts (again, green from iron).



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