Charlie is a two and a half year old yellow. Until recently very healthy and happy. A little over a week ago he started vomiting a lot and drooling excessive. Seemed very out of sorts and upset. I took him to the vet the next morning. Blood test diagnosed pancreatitis. He stayed over night and was discharged looking better after iv and meds.

We were given special food for this issue and told to feed small amounts several times a day along with meds. He did well for about five days then a relapse. It was on a weekend so we went to 24 hour clinic. Same thing. Iv. Meds. Released.

I took him to his vet after another episode of discomfort. Blood work shows pancreas levels normal now. But he won't eat. Just a bit of water and the smell of food makes him visibly uncomfortable. I'm three grand into helping the little guy and still don't know what is wrong. Any and all advice welcome. Thanks.