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    Does anyone have experience with IMHA and be willing to share it. Hoping for some positive stories.
    My 5 year old lab has been recently diagnosed. He was exposed to Rocky Mountain Spotted yet the titers are low and Dr. does not feel confident it is the cause. We retest tomorrow. Last pcv was 35 but he has been holding there and lower.
    On predinsone and atopica as of now.
    Any experiences would be helpful. Thank you.

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    I have experience with ITP (similar to IMHA) though it was with my American Cocker Spaniel. She had just turned 1 yr old and had a small cut on her gums that would not stop bleeding. I took her into the vet to advise. The vet noted other bruising on her gums and on her vulva and immediately did blood tests. Maya (my dog) had almost zero platelets.

    It was a difficult few(+) months with weekly blood tests, high doses of prednisone and Atopica (wow, lots of $!) though a blood transfusion was not necessary. She was on Atopica for about 3+ months and prednisone for approx. 6+ months. It was obviously a very stressful, worrisome time but she did respond to the treatment and she is now 4 years old and a lovely, healthy, happy (spoiled) girl. Annnd, has lost the extra pounds that she gained from the prednisone lol.

    I have a wonderful vet that went the extra mile by talking to every specialist that she could. The general consensus is that there is nothing definitive that will cause these auto immune diseases, a lot of 'it could have been...". Soo, Maya is healthy now (for the last 3 yrs) though we do not do ANY vaccinations that may possibly trigger a recurrence. ALSO, after my vet spoke to a specialist, it has been found that taking melatonin daily (for life) will strengthen the immune system of the dog. It doesn't hurt and if it is preventative to protect my Maya, she takes 5 mg melatonin every morning (little tiny pill) and her blood tests have been normal for years.

    Wish you the best of luck,
    Janet, Riley, Maya, Sam & Quinn

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