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    Hey everyone I need some food advice. I'll give you the story and everyone's opinion is very welcomed lol

    My Bo is 8 months old and has been doing great but about a month ago he started have loose stools and about 3 bouts of throwing up and not feeling good for a day then back to normal but still with loose stools this has been going on for about a month so I took him to the vet as I thought maybe he had a parasite. He tested negative for parasites as well as garrdia. Vet said it was probably his food. But he has been on the same door ever since I brought him home and did great no problems. He was on Orijen puppy. Vet told me to use the royal canin gastro puppy food and then Switch to a new food after this bag. First problem is this food sucks. The ingredients are nothing but garbage I hate feeding him the vet food nothing in it sounds good. I like the wholesome real meat real fruits and veggies ingredients. As I can't do the raw diet. I have found another food I really like the ingredients on it and it has less crude protein then what he was originally on. Was also thinking of putting him on adult food now. He is still having loose stool because of the switch from old food to vet food and my problem is do I keep on the vet food until it's almost gone and then make switch to the new good quality food and cause more stomach upset in a few weekends or just start good food and scratch the crap food. I don't know what would be best for him and his tummy problems. It is causing us both distress and I just wanted some input on what I can do to help him out. I am missing the nice firm stools and just want my bud back to his normal self!! Any advice?? I want the quickest transition to getting my babe back to normal!!!!


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    Yes, adult food would be fine. Prescription food is good when there is a problem.

    My guess is that the dog DOES have giardia. It can be hard to find ALOT of the time!! Most of the time it's NOT the food.

    Find another vet and get a second opinion.

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