4 y/o Lab keeps throwing up.
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Thread: 4 y/o Lab keeps throwing up.

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    Default4 y/o Lab keeps throwing up.

    75lb Chocolate Lab, 4 y/o, no known health issues. A few days ago my boy threw up in the middle of the night. I thought it was a one off and fed him as usual in the morning but he threw up while I was away at work.

    I began what someone told me years ago to do that has worked in the past. I put him on a 24 hour fast but left him free access to water. Things went well and after the 24 hours, I fed him 50% of his normal meal. 12 hours later I fed him 50% again. Everything was still good so the next meal was normal as was the one after that...but I came home from work today and he had thrown up his breakfast again while I was gone.

    What he's throwing up is obviously the dog food, no other foreign objects and it doesn't appear to spend much time in his tummy. Mostly whole pellets left. He doesn't chew his food well at all but I do have a slow feed bowl that slows him down at meal time.

    He doesn't act sick and other than reduced poop time because of less food, when he has gone to poop, it's been normal.

    Couple of thoughts: Did I reintroduce him to full meals too quickly? Should I have controlled his water intake during the fasting?

    I'm a little concerned because as far as I can remember, one 24 hour fasting has always taken care of any tummy issues he's had. On the reverse, since bowel movements have continued and not been diarrhea and he's been acting completely normal, other than begging for food, I don't believe it's anything critical.

    Oh, last thing to note, I have not changed his food. He's been on Blue Wilderness Salmon for a long time.

    Any additional ideas or advice is welcomed.
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    In for info. Hope you get an answer

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    I too just had a call from one of my pup owners w/ the same symptoms. Dog is hungry, but is throwing up regularly... right after meals. Stole one of the kids' sandwiches yesterday and threw up w/ in minutes. So what did I say?

    Get the dog to a vet!!!! You will likely need blood work done. Wouldnt be a bad idea to take a sample of the food upchucked. My pup has an appt today. I'll let you know what the vet (who I admit is not my favorite...) says/ does.

    Here is a very comprehensive article: Vomiting

    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014

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    Right after meals or undigested food would be regurgitation... different list of concerns than vomiting. Definitely needs to be checked out.
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