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    As I've posted previously, my dog has anterior uveitis.

    Got a call about the test results and I have some questions. I hope someone can help..

    1. The bloodwork that they send out to a lab to have tested was tested wrong (they did the wrong test). More blood is needed to do the right test. (how frustrating!). No charge.

    2. The Toxo test was positive, but they don't know why due to the lab doing the wrong type of test.
    What is a Toxo test? (testing for toxins? is this the "cancer" test?

    3. He tested high on the "split-titer-panel". I don't know what this is either.

    4. His eosinophils were high- an 11 when they should be from 2-10.

    I'm going back in tomorrow morning. I just can't wait to find out the answers to these questions- if anyone has any!
    thank you again.

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    DefaultRe: Test result questions/toxo test

    Toxo titer is probably Toxoplasmosis, an organism that can cause uveitis. Eosinophils can be elevated from a parasite or allergies. They can get much higher than 11 with parasite infection. Toxoplasmosis can come from cat poop. Don't torture yourself, and wait for a full analysis. http://www.vin.com/VINDBPub/SearchPB...00/PR00526.htm


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