Hello all,

We have a 3 month (13 weeks) old black lab female puppy and it seems the current food she's om doesn't agree with her. We brought her home at 9 weeks and gradually switched her over to Flint River Ranch - Lamb, Millet, and Rice Canine Formula (linked for info on ingredients). Once we made the full switch, we started to notice her stools were much more loose. We told the vet and provided a stool sample. Nothing was found so the vet gave us some antibiotics to give her for a few days. That seemed to help a bit, but now her stools are very loose again. I'm assuming the food just doesn't agree with her. Would that be your assumption as well?

If so, we'll need to find another food for her. What are some of the best dry foods for a young, growing 3 month old lab?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

PS: Also, how often should we be feeding her? We're still feeding 3 times a day, but it would be more convenient as soon as its okay to cut down to twice a day. When is it safe to only feed breakfast and dinner?