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    Defaultneed advice - annual shots

    My choco lab is the one with the history of the mast cell tumours. Since she has had so much anesthetic, pain meds, allergies pills this past year I asked the vet what options we had for her shots this year. I asked whether they were all necessary. To my surprise, she said that she would think about maybe not giving her any this year at all and even heartworm.

    They give three year rabbie shots here so I don't think she is due for that and she said that she might be able to skip the year on the others. I am willing to forgo the bordetella as I understand that it only covers one strain of the virus and that a dog can still get kennel cough even though they get the vaccine.

    As far as the heartworm, the vet says that our area isn't bad for heartworm and she said also that we could consider skipping that too.

    What do you think? Should I do it? In the past we had used Revolution and I certainly don't want to use it again. The vet said that she would agree with the interceptor if I wanted to use that.

    I just figure my lab needs a rest from all the chemicals in her body but is it a risk or ok??? Thanks.

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    DefaultRe: need advice - annual shots

    I would tend to agree with your vet. My dog's system is not immune compromised and I plan to keep it that way. He gets a rabies shot (3-year) and will have titers drawn for other vaccines. I live in an area where heartworm is not a problem, so I don't give it but can test him for it. If I am going to be in area that has a heartworm problem and stay for a period of time, such as southern Oregon, then he will get heartworm medication. In fact, he is 5 years old and has never had heartworm medication, but I've lived in areas where it has not been a problem.
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    DefaultRe: need advice - annual shots

    I would agree with the vet. The AAHA has come out with new vaccine protocol and is recommending that many of the vaccines could be given every three years. Some they are finding have even life-time immunity. So, if in doubt, you could do blood titers--drawing blood to see if the immune system is high in each particular shot.
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    DefaultRe: need advice - annual shots

    Yep...after 3 surgeries in 3 months when it came time for my boys annual shots I asked the vet for only what was absolutely necessary...she was perfectly willing to work with me on that.

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    DefaultRe: need advice - annual shots

    I definately agree on the vaccination part - we are doing 3 yr rabies and going to a 3 yr protocol on the others as well - giving them in diffrent years.
    As far as heartworm - here in illinois its pretty common and I would never take a chance with that. The monthly treatment is far, far less dangerous than having to treat a heartworm infected dog.
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