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    DefaultWhiskey's Latest Surgery

    Whiskey's latest surgery by Amy Kempton Biggs - GoFundMe

    import 040215 116.jpg

    Hi my name is Amy and this is my awesome pup Whiskey. She has just encountered her third surgery in five months. In November, she had a rapidly growing mole removed from her eyelid. During the visit to remove her sutures, a spot on her right hip was tested for cancerous cells. She tested positive for hemangio sarcoma and had surgery to remove the tumor in December. While playing outside last month, she blew out her knee and required TPLO surgery on her left knee. On top of all this, she has Addison's disease and requires an expensive injection every 45 days. The Addison's disease also slows healing from all the surgeries

    I lost my husband three years ago and I am doing everything I can not to lose my precious dog. I work at a non-profit college and currently seeking a second job.

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    I am sorry to hear of your Whiskey's many issues over the last five months. You two have had a lot on your plates to say the least!

    Give her a big hug from me!

    Our Yellow Baby Girl "Dream A Little Dream" born December 16 2014
    Our Chocolate Girl "Kona of the Storm" born August 8 2014
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    Our TriPawd "King" - Shelter Rescue born late fall 2004

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    Thank you, CallieAndKing!

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