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    DefaultLong nails?

    We try and cut copper and toby's nails as often as we can.. Is it possible fi they grow a little long it will cause them to walk funny on hardwood floor? I am trying to determine if Copper is limping due to his nails... it seems he walks careful on hardwood and appears to be limping, once on the carpet or in the yard he walks fine... seeing if it may have something to do with it? since it is not constant...

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    DefaultRe: Long nails?

    When Mocha's nails are too long she has trouble walking on the lenolium in our house. She dosn't limp though just slides more and does this funny tiptoe walk across the floor sometimes..
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    I think most dogs are insecure walking on a very smooth surface. I would say that if you can hear the nails clicking on the floor then they need to be trimmed. The pads should provide good enough traction for the dog to feel comfortable.
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