Owner of diabetic 11 yr old female Lab looking for advice...
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Thread: Owner of diabetic 11 yr old female Lab looking for advice...

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    DefaultOwner of diabetic 11 yr old female Lab looking for advice...

    Hello; I am new to the forum. We just learned this week that our beautiful old girl is diabetic. She recently started making messes around the house, which was HIGHLY unusual for her. We also noticed she was drinking water like she'd been lost in the desert for a month. We suspected a bladder infection. We're quite shaken by the news. Our vet has all but told us the most sensible thing to do it put her down, as the commitment and cost can be overwhelming, in addition to the fact that quite often diabetic pooches developed related health issues. (kidney problems, etc.) I am hoping to hear from others who have found themselves in the same situation. How did they handle it? For those that decided to proceed with treatment, what were the results. Was it just delaying the inevitable for a few months, or did their beloved pet get some more QUALITY years of life as a result? We've been given an estimate by our vet on what we'd be looking at expensive-wise, and fortunately it isn't out of reach for us. However we don't want to keep her around if she is just going to get worse, and suffer. We're in shock right now, as we had no idea it was anything so serious, and expected to simply have to give her antibiotics for a few weeks. Now we're literally facing a life and death situation. Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks...

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    I see diabetic dogs all the time at the practice i work at, and most of them are managed quite well. A glucose curve should be performed and the insulin dose determined. It is not a death sentence by any means. Many dogs live years after their diagnosis.

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