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    My dog is almost a year now. I noticed the bottom of her chin has some sore & redness area with a little bit of bleeding. It doesn't seem to bother her. She still plays, wags her tail like she's the happiest dog in the world. Is this normal or not? Is it allergies or something? Is there anything I can use to make it go away?

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    Sounds like chin acne.

    What worked for me was cleaning the area with a cloth or cotton make up pad (not cotton ball) with apple cider vinegar with mother and adding one quarter tsp of alfalfa 3 to 4x a week to the diet. Clean the area after each meal and after playing outside or anytime the chin might need it.

    If it persists you may need cephalexin from the vet to clear it up.

    Make sure you use stainless steel bowls and wash them daily or after every meal.

    Hope that was helpful. Good luck!

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    Since you have a silver lab, I would take it to the vet. Could be the start of the skin alopecia those dogs are very prone to.

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