bare patches on elbows
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Thread: bare patches on elbows

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    Defaultbare patches on elbows

    I noticed that Tyson seems to have bare patches on his elbows, kinda like callouses. I have heard of this happening when dogs lay down on hard places. When he is in his crate he has nothing soft in there because he chews up any bedding we put in there, even towels. Is there anything I should put on the patches to make it go away? Should I try putting bedding in there again?

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    DefaultRe: bare patches on elbows

    They probably are calluses. My boys have them too. Even though they have access to rugs to lay on, they still like to lay on the patio. The calluses don't hurt or cause any other trouble, they're just a way to protect the elbow (or any other part that has them.) Like the ones on your heel. I'd leave them be.

    If your dog rips up the bedding in his crate I wouldn't risk putting more in there. He could ingest it and get sick. A crate with a "bare" floor is perfectly fine. In fact, in the summer months the dog will probably like it more because it is cooler.

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    DefaultRe: bare patches on elbows

    It isn't anything you can really prevent. It comes about from a large dog (weight, but not based on obesity- it happens in both fat and skinny dogs, just not as often in tiny dogs like papillons) laying on hard surfaces, but also just because there really isn't any padding on their is just skin, tendons, and bone.

    They do have a product out there called "Dog Leggs" or something like that which can help, but I wouldn't trust a chewer around those things at all!

    Take a look at some of the posts for this past week's Potomac lab specialty show and you will notice that probably 99% of the adult dogs have elbow calluses.

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    DefaultRe: bare patches on elbows

    I read a bit back about the use of "Cow Mats" in crates to cushion against this abrasion. They are intended for use in barns but the message I read said they just cut them up to fit their dog's
    crate. They must be pretty tough to hold up in a barn. Here is a site:

    Duke use to eat any rug I tried in his crate but now that he has matured I don't believe he would do that. I think I'll try one and cut it into two pieces, one for Duke and one for Freckles.


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