Poor Molly(my 1st poop ?)xpost in LC
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Thread: Poor Molly(my 1st poop ?)xpost in LC

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    DefaultPoor Molly(my 1st poop ?)xpost in LC

    Last nite I put Molly in her crate around 11:15pm....almost an hour later (about 12:15...12:20am she was whining and barking) I ignored her til about 12:45 thinking she'd go back to sleep but she kept getting louder so I went downstairs let her out and no sooner did she hit that grass did she basically explode! Her stool was still firmish at first but by the end of her mini explosion it was pretty loose.

    She kept looking like she was going to go but nothing came out so we went back inside and there were no accidents in the crate and we didn't have to go out anymore, but I felt sooooo bad about ignoring her the first time thinking she didn't want to go to bed.

    This morning her stool was still loose but it actually had shape to it (if you know what i mean lol) she drank some water ate her breakfast and stool is still a little loose.

    Is there anything I can give to her to make this little problem better? I know we've given abby pepto bismol in the past but Molly won't touch the stuff (finally found something she doesn't like lol). Is immodium ok for dogs? Or metamucil I think I've read on here...but how much for a 40 lb dog?

    Thanks for any help!
    ~Abby, Molly, and Penny (the honorary lab)

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    DefaultRe: Poor Molly(my 1st poop ?)xpost in LC

    When that happened to my pup the vet recommended giving him some cooked plain rice...it helps to firm up stool...so for about two days buck only got rice and then I slowly started mixing his kibble back in over a day or two and it was back to just kibble...
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