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    On Saturday, my two year old girl lab, was playing stick and she was running but dropped her stick...as she went to pick up her stick - still running - she ran smack, side on, into a fallen tree trunk....but picked up her stick as though nothing had happened and carried on running and playing.

    About ten minutes later she suddenly went wobbly on her feet and sort of collapsed. An experienced dog owner who was with us, felt that she was probably winded and for a few minutes she was unsteady on her feet.

    However, we kept her exercise brief yesterday just to make sure she was suitably rested....although she enjoyed a run in the garden.

    Today we took the dogs on a longer walk and she was again enjoying a game of stick (where basically she finds a tuft of a little stick, drops it at my feet and today was just kicking it forward a few feet for her which she retrieves and drops at my feet again and so on)...she seemed fine...but again...after she was back on her lead, she started to look a little wobbly on her feet...she did not fall over, but she seems incredibly tired.

    Being Bank Holiday the vets are all closed so we shall just rest her today and get her checked over tomorrow...has anyone had anything similar happen to their dogs?

    It seems too much of a coincidence to anything else other than related to her crashing into the tree trunk...but I am aware of a friends dog that struggles after a lot of exercise.

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    Just a thought, but could it be exercise induced collapse?: http://thelabradorclub.com/library/eicstudy.html

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    thank you for the link...i will look into this


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