My neighbors black lab had to be put down ( Cancer )
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Thread: My neighbors black lab had to be put down ( Cancer )

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    DefaultMy neighbors black lab had to be put down ( Cancer )

    Been a while since I was here.

    During our morning walk, my wife ( Cookie ) and I met our neighbor ( Jean ) walking alone, without her black Lab.

    Cookie always carries treats for any dogs we meet, and has been giving Jonah treats for more than 8 years, and asked where "Jonah" was.

    Jean replied through her tears, Jonah had to be put down due to advanced cancer.

    We hugged Jean, and told her how sorry we were. We know her pain ( we've buried 4 chockolate lab in 35 years of marriage. )

    I often hear folks say, when they lose their dog, that they will never get another one, it just hurts too much when the dog passes.

    Well... yes it does.

    It hurts terribly.

    When our current chockolate lab ( Murphy ) passes, we will suffer.

    But that's the bargain we make with these wonderful creatures.

    We agree to love and care for Murphy, take her to the vet and on walks.

    We agree to provide food and water, and a warm place to sleep ( countless toys )

    In return...

    Murphy gives us complete loyalty and devotion.

    Makes us laugh countless times.

    She greets us when we arrive home with un bridled joy.

    She warns us of strangers nearby.

    Loves us without limit.

    Qualities often not found in humans today.

    That's the bargan we make.

    I'll take that deal every time.

    Hope you all are well.

    Bill Mingin
    Mays Landing, NJ

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    Sorry for your neighbor's loss and your previous losses.

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    very touching

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