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    was recommended by breeder, after much searching I find that many dog breeders (check web) are being paid to push this product, asking that you use their code #, because that's how their commission is calculated.
    I asked my vet to evaluate the ingredients and give me an opinion, here's what I was told:

    "Because it is considered a supplement, none of the claims on the bottle have to be proven. For example, just because it says it contains 100mg of Calcium, we do not know that it is true since the product does not have to go through any screening process. Also, many of the ingredients have never been researched, tested, or proven to be effective in dogs ",
    also adding there is nothing harmful in it.

    just passing along as I noted some like me have questions, make your own decisions.

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    There are quite a few breeders (good breeders and bad breeders) who sell NuVet. Supplements from 8 weeks of age isn't really necessary in my opinion. But this is how I personally weed out the NuVet Breeders. If the breeder tells you about what he/she gives her dogs and says its NuVet and tells you how to get it if you want it, that's probably OK. If the breeder writes into their contract that if you do not feed this supplement from the minute you bring the pup home otherwise the guarantee is null and void, AVOID THAT BREEDER.

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    I also have read all the negative comments about Nuvet and the breeders getting paid to push their product. I will say though, with our last lab who had a heart tumor and was given 2 weeks to live, we started on the Nuvet. I read that it helped with tumor inhibition via shark cartiledge, etc. Our guy lived another 3 years.
    We also have an aquaintence whose dog had cancer and started on the Nuvet, and her dog lived a year beyond what was expected. So I don't know...the stuff is not cheap, but we had good experiences with it, and possibly it could help your dog too

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