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    DefaultLyme's Disease prevention

    Hi Everyone,

    I just lost my 5 year old Lab named Sage to Lyme's disease in September; very hard loss.

    We just got a puppy and are very nervous about having it happen again so I'm looking for my best option to protect our new Lab.

    I used Frontline on Sage and have no confidence in it. My vet was very positive about Frontline in the past however now recommends the new Nexguard. I'm leaning towards that and was thinking about some type of spray when I'm in bad areas.

    By the way we live in eastern PA with a pretty good tick population. Not real worried about fleas; in over 20 years with labs never had a problem.

    Might be interested in some of the Holistic approaches to the sprays however I cant seem to find any specific formulas just general concepts.

    Looking forward to the responses.

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    Hello, I am as well from eastern pa. I'm in Bethlehem. And I know all to well about the tick situation we have here. I have a young pup just over 5 months. I Have to see what my vet gives me. I've used it on my past dog I owned and had nothing but praises towards it. I think it was something
    Like vectra? Def recommend it!
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    I use Nexgard and have no problems with it. My vet suggested it since labs love water so much and products like Frontline can come off easily. I find it easier to administer since it is a chewable, I just drop it in his bowl during a meal and he has no clue he eats it. Also, there is Brevecto which is a chewable and lasts 3 months instead of 1. Haven't tried it but just a suggestion.

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