We woke up early this morning to the sound of our 14 week-old puppy chewing something that sounded odd. I turned on the light and found the puppy outside his crate. My husband thinks he didn't latch the door properly. I don't know how long he was out but he had chewed one of the legs of our wooden bed and was working on a deodorant (no real damage). What was most concerning was a metal piece he had gnawed that appeared to have been attached to something else. It could be a book binding but I am not sure. There was no debris.
He had both peed and pooped in the room (near the door). I took him out and he peed again and has been sleeping next to me on the couch ever since. I am calling the vet but they don't open for another couple of hours. I am really worried. Any signs we should look for before then? Do we feed him as we would normally? Thanks for your help.