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    UnhappyTesticle Won't Drop

    I know I still have time but so far one of Oliver's testicles hasn't dropped (we just had his 12 week visit this morning). Vet said you have to neuter if it doesn't come down (I was planning on doing this anyway) and that it is more like spaying a female. Is this something I should be concerned about? The vet said there is still time for it to drop so hopefully it will just come down on it's own but if it doesn't, has anyone had to do the same procedure?

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    The neuter surgery is more involved, but price is going to depend on the vet and the location of the teste. I'd not rush the neuter, but if me, I'd probably try to have it done by age 2. I've heard others waiting longer w/ good results but the fear is for cancer.


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    i had one dog that i rescued /adopted at 2 1/2 with one teste and the other "thing" was a blob of tissue in his abdomen that they had to send out to be sure it was testicular tissue. he was fine.

    eli, my frenchie has one teste down, the other can be felt, and he will be a year, fri. i'm trying to wait a bit longer to neuter him but yes, the must be neutered with one teste.

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