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    Hello, I am new to this forum and am looking for possible solutions.
    My lab Tek is 2 years old. About a year or so ago he started getting recurring ear infections. Dirty, smelly, brown ear infections. Also he started chewing his paws, which also smell disgusting. When this happens, the vet gives him a round of steroids and it helps, until they wear off. We have mostly curbed his ear infections by changing his food to Natures Variety Limited Ingredient dog food, but he still chews his feet. We have been told it is probably environmental allergies. I don't know what to do. They have told us it is not good to keep him on steroids long term. The solution they have suggested is some non steroid injection that would cost us about $375 a month. Or possibly another one that may come out next spring (apparently its on back order) that would still cost us about $150 a month because he is so large (90 lbs). We cannot afford that, or to get his allergens tested, and then the allergy shots done which I was told cost about $1700.
    Does anyone know of any other solutions??? My dog is miserable chewing his feet and I feel bad for him. And I also cannot take the smell or the sound of him chewing any longer!

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    have you tried any other foods?

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    I would first try changing to a dog food with a different meat. I have one whose ears get like that when she eats chicken.

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    Well his ears are ok now. It's mostly his feet. And I just recently noticed he has been licking only one side of his belly. It's always wet looking when I take him out of his crate.
    I actually haven't tried any other foods because the vet told me food allergies are usually related to "ear and rear". And that his feet may be environmental- something in the grass or even air probably. His ears and his coat has improved SO much since putting him on this food. I'm afraid to switch in because I don't want his ear gunk to come back. We were literally at the vet every 2 or 3 weeks for months because of his ears!

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    i never heard the "ear and rear" theory but i would check the proteins, and try switching. and it takes a good 6 -8 weeks to see a difference, unless you get really lucky.
    can it be he's in the crate too long , and bored? not dismissing the allergy thought don't get me wrong, but some dogs, out of boredom will lick an area and then become obsessed with it.

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