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    Hey i have a 11 month old pup and i recently noticed that she is missing a small patch of hair about the size of a nickel on the side of her lip...can someone help please...hopefully its nothing but just want to make sure..

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    was she recently spayed? could be young adult demodex mange. only way to tell is have the vet do a skin scraping. most of the time, at a young age; their own immune systems will kick in an take care of it. the side of the mouth and the eyes is where it first showed up on my girl at about that age.

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    When we had Josie at the vet they did a skin scraping and found out she has demodex mange. They told us that her immune system should really kick in and take care of the problem. If not she would need some med's. The vet also told us that her's was inheritated from either her mother or father.


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