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    My name is Eric. We have a 6.5 month old Yellow lab. Her name is Stella. I'm a little worried about Stella. On Sunday, we took her for a nice long walk, probably about 2 miles, half of which was on grass, half of it on asphalt. Then, she took about a good long hour nap, and then we took her to a family member's house who has two full grown adult labs. We take her there frequently because they have a big yard and Stella LOVES to run. They played, and Stella was having the time of her life. She wasn't necessarily playing as hard as she normally does, but we took them outside, played fetch for about 15 minutes, and then came back in. They continued playing, but again, it wasn't as hard as it normally was. Stella was pretty much out of it that night.

    Sunday night, she seemed absolutely fine. Just her tired self, but was walking, eating, drinking, everything the same. Monday when she woke up, she was also fine. No signs of anything. Then on Monday evening, Stella hopped off the couch, walked to the door to go potty, and now ever since, limps on her right front leg pretty noticeably. Last night and this morning I rubbed it in every location I possibly could, she does not yelp, cry, pull away from me, or lick it. She tries to jump on and off the couch still (which we have now eliminated), and she is still eating and drinking like a champ. She still insists on following us in every room we go into, but again, she is limping pretty badly. She still does her stretches and her playful, "I'm going to stretch my front paws and put my head really low". She however walks with the limp and she tries to run in the house, but she also runs with the limp. We've restricted all motion for her so she doesn't hurt herself any further. She is crate trained during the day anyhow so it's nothing new for her there. She also does not raise her front paw or draw attention to it in any way. She will put some of her weight on it as well, but not all.

    I feel like if she over exerted herself on Sunday, there would of been some signs on Monday morning. I also have read that Labs can have pretty significant growing pains. Maybe she strained it on Sunday and then the couch jump was the last straw or are her symptoms common with something else?

    Please, if you have any advice for Stella, let us know. We love her more than anything and don't want anything to happen to her. She has a vet appointment for tomorrow, but I'd still like to know what I'm getting myself into. My stomach has been turning knots since last evening.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Have the vet check the elbow for elbow dysplasia

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    Sorry to hear about Stella. Do you have any news yet?

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    it's important to have it looked at as soon as you can. You want to make sure you give her an anti-inflammatory like metacam or other problems can begin if left untreated.

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