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Thread: Melatonin

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    Hi everyone,
    I have a 3 1/2 yr old yellow baby who is has noise anxiety. I have used sedatives from the vet with some good success, but don't like her drugged out look. In looking at alternatives I have seen that melatonin has been used with fairly good success. Just wondering if anyone has tried it and whether it has worked for your dogs? Any other advice for noise anxiety would be great too. I am welcoming a new yellow baby in 2 weeks and really don't want to repeat this with puppy number 2.

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    DefaultRe: Melatonin

    Maybe 10 years ago, melatonin was being hyped by some as promoting sleep.* Later scientific studies found no evidence for that effect.

    It sounds like a melatonin seller is trotting out the old stuff.

    My suggestion is that you use a counter-conditioning protocol.* Far more reliable.

    This place can give you some information:
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    DefaultRe: Melatonin

    Actually, I have been using melatonin for years to help me sleep and it works beautifully. My doctor recommended it when I tried the CPAP and mask for apnea and could not use it.

    Also, the people in my company who travel to Japan, Europe, and China use it to get back in 'sync' after being on the other side of the world. It helps your brain to calm down so you can fall asleep, though it does nothing to help you stay asleep.

    It might just work, in small doses, to calm a dog. I'd suggest starting with half a 1mg tablet.
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    DefaultRe: Melatonin

    Hi there is a good link to melatonin below. What I can tell you it that I recently tried this with one of my old girls (during a recent thunder & lightning storm) and it worked great. She was still a little nervous but much much calmer. I would defiantly use it again.
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    DefaultRe: Melatonin

    what about the plug ins. They release the pheromone to help calm them with all sorts of anxieties and behavior probs. My mom has been using it on her dog who has separation anxiety. She has used it for the last two weeks and notices a difference. He is much better when left alone. This could help keep your pup calm. Good luck
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    DefaultRe: Melatonin

    It helps your brain to calm down so you can fall asleep, though it does nothing to help you stay asleep.
    This is exactly right. Melatonin is a compound that is released cyclically in a nucleus of the brain, and helps to regulate sleep. It is only effective to help induce sleep when falling asleep is a problem, but does not help an individual to stay asleep. I have used it before, and it works wonders for me, but an important aspect of its mechanism of function is that it is dark. So, during the day it is NOT as effective.

    I haven't heard anything about use for dogs, and I would suggest asking your vet (I don't know if dog brains utilize it at all or in the same way ours do). I know that benadryl is also a good sedative, and is safe for use by your dog. All it is is an antihistamine, and has very few if any negative/adverse effects.

    Hope that helps!
    Cadey, mama to Jaida and Bali


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