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    I have a litter of 9 puppies. They are 6 weeks old today. I took them into the vet for a wellness check and fecal exam and found that they are worm free (yay!), but they have Coccidiosis I've never dealt with this before and I've heard a lot of conflicting information. My vet didn't seem at all concerned. He said I caught it really early. He gave me a medication called Ponazuril for the puppies and mother to take once a day for 2 days. We are going to do another fecal check in a week. My best guess is that Mom picked it up outside somewhere…maybe from another dog’s stool on a walk? I’m not exactly sure HOW they got it.

    I keep the puppy area SUPER clean. I use unprinted newspaper and I change it a good 12-15+ times a day. As often as needed really. I also clean everything (floor, puppy pen, toys) with bleach water at least twice a week. The puppies are inside in my laundry room on tile. I also wash their bedding daily. I try to be a clean freak because I really want them to be 100% healthy when they go to their new homes.

    I have a couple of concerns. First, is this medication and time frame effective? I know I’ll find out in a week if it isn't, but I hate to waste time on trial and error. My puppy owners are all really excited to get their puppies right when they turn 8 weeks old. I’ll keep the puppies longer if I need to, of course. But I would really like them to get better as soon as possible for their own well being as well as for their owner’s. Some of them have been waiting on their puppy since before they were born and, even though I do picture updates once a week, they are all chomping at the bit lol. I know how exciting getting a new puppy is, but don’t get me wrong, the puppies’ health is #1.

    Second, is there anything additional I should be doing to prevent reinfection?

    Third, once this is treated, will the puppies’ continue to have problems with it when stressed? I mean, do they have it for life or does it go away when treated?

    Fourth, is Coccidia naturally found in a dog’s intestinal tract? I heard something about this, but didn't know if it was true. And if it is natural, how is it dogs are “infected” with it?

    Any information is greatly appreciated! I want to gather as much information as possible so that I can do everything in my power to make sure my pups have a good start. I have NOT seen any blood in their stools, but some of their stools have been soft. Not really runny. Just really soft.

    Lastly, I should mention that my puppies are not labs (though I do own a Lab/Dalmatian mix, hunted with my beloved yellow lab for many years before he passed and I LOVE the breed). However, I was reading some posts on this forum and everyone is so nice and informative without being mean. You won’t find that with my breed….people are generally really snobby and I hate to ask fellow breeders of my dog breed questions because they always take it as an opportunity to put you down and then act like they’re just trying to help…like giving advice requires people to be rude. Kind of sad. But people here seem A LOT different!! Maybe it’s because you’re all Lab owners and, like your dogs, you’re all happy, people friendly creatures <3 My puppies are Dalmatians btw. I hope it is still ok to post here and ask for advice!!!

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    Coccidia happens. I wouldn't worry about it as long as you are treating it. Though I am not sure why you don't find a Dal board.

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    I have had coccidia here a couple times over the years. You'll read that if the mother was infected as a baby, she'll be a carrier and pass it on to her pups, but I'm not seeing that either.
    I think the first case of it was picked up at a hunt test (there were cow pies that the 2 pups were "interested" in). Didn't see it w/ any of their litters, but did see it mildly in a litter a couple generations later.
    The ponazuril worked great for that litter btw. I'd much rather deal w/ coccidia after dealing w/ giardi here last winter! Good luck w/ your pups. Anne

    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014

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