Hi All!

Our visit with my brother-in-law went well. Their 4 year old chocolate Lab, Snickers and Brody (16 months) got along fine. Sincker's was a bit crabby but Brody was also a bit overbearing (as always) lol.

Brody did a great deal of swimming in the pool and alot of running with Snickers. Brody ended the weekend with limber tail. First time. Scared me but then I started researching. Snickers also had this syndrome twice before.

Brody is spending the day relaxing - no walks - just R&R. I'm sure he will be fine. He had a great weekend. I was proud that he was friendly with Snickers and showed no signs of aggression or intolerance toward her. My concern stemmed from his strong desire to jump on and try to play with all types of dogs in obedience classes. I always stopped the interaction because he was in class to practice his obedience skills, not attack and play. He convinced me that his enthuiasm is loving and friendly. Love those Labs!!!