Severe Allergy / hypersensitivity to protein?
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Thread: Severe Allergy / hypersensitivity to protein?

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    QuestionSevere Allergy / hypersensitivity to protein?

    Hi, I have a pure bread yellow lab, 1.5 years old. My dog, Bentley, has had 2 very serious 'reactions'. One at 9.5 months)
    And one at 17 months old. His symtoms start as soft stool and possibly vomit, then refusing food and water (vomitimg within 15 mins if he does eat or drink) then eventually SERVELY bloody stoyol and bloody vomit, of course extreme lethargy , then after all of the other symtoms his lips and face swell, this last time his body seemed to have hives or whelts as well.
    He has seen a few vets, and of course required emergency and over night care. All of the vets agreed he most likely has a hypsersensitity to protein(which is fairly common but rare in labs?)
    They said because the food he was eating is highly disgestable the problem builds up over time, if i was feeding him a lower qualify food we would see this reaction more often. He is now on royal canin Vegetarian dog food; seems fine but he always does until this happens.
    Does anyone have expirience with a protein allergy or similar reaction? I'd like to have him allergy tested but have heard they are inaccurate and expensive. Any info on blood, skin or applied kinesiology would be appreciated

    He is also a chewer and will chew sticks and plastic and ive heard about hypersensitivy to those as well (yes i know he shouldnt chew those we do our bests but sometimes he will find something!)

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    i have a dog with high eosinophil counts and no one can figure out her allergies. she barfs tons. so, i switch her dog food, either fromm, or farmina, and different proteins , every month, along with pred every 6-7 days, and it works. perhaps find rabbit kibble, or goat, or even feed raw, but exotic proteins.
    haretoday has llama, goat, rabbit, venison or there are kibble that have different exotic proteins. cod (farmina, with low grain) or natures variety rabbit.
    not fun, but sometimes being creative works.

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    I have never heard of issues with protein. Have you tried limited ingredient diets with a novel protein?

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    We noticed as ayoung puppy he would get a rash and blistery things on higher protein dog food so we just switched to something with a bit less protein (just figured it was a bit hearty for a sensitive pup) and he was fine until i switched him onto a new brand then 2 weeks later he had the first awful reaction but no we havnt tried novel proteins. The reason they suggested going straight to vegetarian is because the reactions happen so quick can be fatal, each one worse then thr last. (And costing us about $1000-$ 1500 for tests and treatments) so we dont want to chance it. They figure its the protein because of how outnof wack his proteins are in his blood work. I would really like to get him tested to if/ what the allergy is forsure. Feels wrong not to feed a dog meat....
    Right now anytime he shows signs of gastric upset (eating grass, soft stool ect) we are advised to give him benedryl (his inflamation starts inside then out)

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