Frontline or Nexguard?
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Thread: Frontline or Nexguard?

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    DefaultFrontline or Nexguard?

    I have always given my dog frontline but recently my vet has changed to NexGuard. I know nothing about it and was wondering if anyone can tell me which one is better. Should I stick with the frontline or switch over to the nexguard?

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    Don't change Frontline if it's working. I changed to Nexgard because it's the same company that makes Frontline and Vet said it's better, it's chewable and $20month but my Charlie Brown now has red spots on neck and hives on under carriage and dry flaky skin after 10 days. No fleas anywhere on him. Going to vets today for skin scrape to see what's going on but I'm positive it's Nexgard. It has Afoxolaner vs. Fipronil & Methoprene and my dog is very sensitive to change. I should have continued with Frontline even though he is bit dopey for 24 hours after administering, it works the best for him. Some say it now doesn't last as long and several complaints so why didn't Merial, the manufacturer fix it instead of making new poison for our dogs. Does anyone know of a natural way to treat our dogs w/o poisoning them w/this junk!!

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    Look into the Seresto flea and tick collar. I use it and have never had a flea or tick on Sabbath. Frontline is now not as effective as it once was. Most vets will tell you to reapply every 3 weeks, not the 4 it still says on the box. The Seresto collar is for 8 months and coast about $45. When I used Frontline in the past with my other dog, tick would still attach to the dog. With the Seresto collar I have not even seen a tick of fleas on him and I no longer see them in the house like I did with the Frontline.

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