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    DefaultExcessive shedding

    I have a six year old yellow lab. He always sheds it's understandable that Labrador retrievers shed a lot. However for the past two weeks I have been finding so much hair all over. I just vacuumed this morning and I'm on the floor on my hands and knees making a pile of all the hair he lost in just a couple of hours. I am getting a little worried about him. His hair is dry and has a bit of white flakes in it.

    If anyone as any advice or help I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!!!

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    Both of my dogs are shedding horribly this year, more so then in past years that I can remember. I'm giving them fish oil tablets that i got from their vet. They are still shedding a lot, but their coats are nice and shiny.

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    Try the ZOOM GROOM...I use it to keep the loose hair to a minimum.

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