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    I would like some suggestions please. I have been feeding my Buck (4 year old yellow male) Purina ONE lamb and rice for about 3 years. He started out on Pro Plan, but developed a rash most likely from either Potato or Beet. Until now he has been very happy with P ONE but just recently I bought a new bag and as soon as I opened it, I noticed a difference in the size of the kibble and the smell of the food. When I put it in Bucks bowl, he did a "are you kidding me?" and refused to even try it. So I called Purina and gave the woman the numbers from the bag as well as the numbers from the old bag. She said that the dog food is now being made in Canada and that would explain a slight difference in the shape and the smell would mean that it was just made so most likely fresher. She suggested that I try mixing the two foods until he gets used to it. Well, he carried on for four days without eating it, absolute refusal. So I had to run around to all local stores and buy up the American made food. Now I am down to the last bag and I called purina back yesterday, they had tested the food and came to no new conclusions. She suggested that I try the sensitive systems ONE because it has a salmon base and he might like it. Any suggestions?

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    My guys were on the ONE Sensitive Systems for a while and they really liked it. They are now on the ProPlan Sensitive Systems and are doing good on that, as well.

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    Mine were on Pro Plan SS and I've switched to ONE. Mine like it as well. There's less filler in the ONE SS compared to the rest of the varieties.
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