Revolution. Your thoughts, please.
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Thread: Revolution. Your thoughts, please.

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    DefaultRevolution. Your thoughts, please.

    When we originally got Kluane and took her to the vet for all her puppy vaccinations and rabies shot, the vet gave us a free sample of Revoutions and recommended it for fleas, ticks, flea eggs, mosquitoes, and prevention of heartworm. After the sample, the vet wanted us to pay $16 per monthly dose to keep up the treatment.

    I admit, we wimped out. At the time, I figured it was just more per month than I was willing to pay. Thankfully the winter months were here and I wasn't too concerned about fleas, ticks or mosquitoes.

    However, now that spring has sprung, AND because we've begun taking her to the dog park regularly, we know that it's time to pick a medicine. I found a good website that has great prices, and it turns out Revolution is cheaper overall (as opposed to buying two different kinds of treatments to give her a month) by a few bucks.

    Anyone out there know something about Revolution that we should know before making this choice? or do you think we're okay with that one?

    As a sidenote, she's an indoor dog mostly, but we are getting out a lot more now that it's warmed up. The backyard, the dog park, and whatever lake/pond we choose for swimming are the only times she's out and about. With summer coming, she'll likely be in water a lot.

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    DefaultRe: Revolution. Your thoughts, please.

    Revolution is what we have used for the past two years. Raven is only 2 now so that is all we ever used. I don't think it is bad but we are going to switch to probably Frontline Plus and some type of hearworm. From different threads on here seems like a lot use either Frontline or Advantix. I don't know anyone that uses Revolution so there must be some reason???????? That's why I'm switching. Hopefully others weigh in with their thoughts.

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    DefaultRe: Revolution. Your thoughts, please.

    Personally, I'm not comfortable putting something on my dogs skin and hoping it absorbs to protect against heartworms. I have heard that it's efficacy is not as high as other preventives. JMO, but it would not be my first choice for heartworm prevention.

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    DefaultRe: Revolution. Your thoughts, please.

    Although I do not know any people personally that have experienced this issue, our Houston Rescue group network has posted at least 3 times in the last 18 months about dogs that have been on Revolution religiously, and then tested positive for heartworms. I don't use it myself and it was enough of a scare for me to stop recommending it to our adopters.

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    DefaultRe: Revolution. Your thoughts, please.

    It's been around for years, so if it isn't as effective surely you can find out, but I honestly do not know. I'm like ruff n tumble crew, I think I'd prefer to give a pill.

    Bayer makes a product called Advocate that does the same stuff. I don't know if it's cheaper or not, but you may check it out.
    =38&cHash=ead959ff05]Bayer Advocate

    I use Heartgard from April through November, and then I use Frontline from May through August. Since I don't treat for fleas and ticks as long as I treat heartworms, I can't use an all-in-one product.

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    DefaultRe: Revolution. Your thoughts, please.

    will never use it

    On 3/15/00 I asked my Vet for a Heartworm preventive for my 2 year old
    Australian Shepherd, Sage. They recommended Revolution. It was applied
    on 3/15/00. On 3/20/00 Sage developed a cough, but she was otherwise
    fine. She had had a bath at the Vet on 3/15/00 also, so I decided to
    watch her for further symptoms. On 3/23/00 she was fine until late
    afternoon when she became quiet and didn't want to play. By 7pm that
    night, she had trouble opening her left eye and whimpered when she
    jumped down from the couch or bed.

    In the past, Sage always had a tendency to bruise easily. She had
    sensitive skin and worry an area until it bruised. She had no trouble
    with her blood clotting and had been previously spayed. She now had
    bruising on her body.

    When I took her to the Vet, he asked if she had been in rat poison. I
    informed him that she was an inside dog and only went out to play with
    the kids and to use the bathroom. My neighbors have pets and do not put
    out poisons.

    They also asked if she had had a blow to the head because there was
    blood in the whites of her eyes that was not there yesterday. I stated
    that she was not hit in the head. I asked if it could be the Revolution
    and was informed that it could not be. I told my vet that was the only
    thing that Sage had been exposed to. He did a CBC and her platelets
    were 87 and WBC count was 27,000. her Hct was 37. He treated her for
    infection and rat poisoning and sent us home. Within 3 hours she was
    falling over. I rushed her back to the Vet and he kept her until 5pm
    that afternoon. I brought her home after they said she was doing

    At 6pm she was again falling over and I called my Vet back and was
    informed to bring her back the next day.

    By 11pm, she was bleeding from her nose and had vomited with streaks of
    bright red blood. My husband and I drove her to an ER clinic in
    Savannah, GA and was told that it was either a tick born disease or
    rat poisoning or a blow to the head. I again asked if could be the
    Revolution and was informed no.

    They kept her and treated her as my vet. When I called at 6am, I was
    informed that she was having seizures but she was otherwise stable. I
    was worried about a subdural hematoma and talked with my Vet. He
    suggested I take Sage to Charleston, SC to see a Specialist. She
    arrived there at 4:30pm.

    When I gave her history, I again asked if it could be the Revolution and
    was informed no. Later that night Sage continued to have seizures and
    she bled into the orbits of her eyes, but they said there was still

    At 6:45am they called and said Sage had arrested and was on a
    ventilator. We asked that they let her go. This has been devastating to
    my family. We loved that dog. She was a family member. At 10am, the
    clinic called and asked for an autopsy. They informed me that another
    dog had died last month there, with symptoms the same as Sage. The dog
    was an inside dog and the only thing different was that the owner had
    started Revolution. The dog died of low platelets and intracrannial
    hemorrhage just like Sage. The vet in Charleston called the Revolution
    people and they are paying for Sages autopsy.

    They also paid for the other dogs autopsy. That autopsy showed low
    platelets and intracrannial hemorrhage from a toxin. (? Revolution was
    the only toxin the owners had given). I will not know the results of
    the autopsy for a month, but I believe it was the Revolution. If 2 dogs
    have died in the Savannah-Charleston area in the last month, how many
    nation wide.

    Please spread the word for owners to be careful about using this drug on
    their dogs. No dog should suffer like my Sage suffered.

    Thanks for Listening,
    Terri Eddy
    Rincon, GA


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    DefaultRe: Revolution. Your thoughts, please.

    Laura, what flea/tick product do you use?

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    DefaultRe: Revolution. Your thoughts, please.

    none. i don't have fleas or ticks. i tell my puppy people to use frontline with heartgard or interceptor.



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