Grain intolerance..poor baby
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Thread: Grain intolerance..poor baby

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    DefaultGrain intolerance..poor baby

    My poor Miss Murphie has a grain intolerance and I am starting her on Earthbalance Meadow Fields but the amount to feed is very vague with a suggestion to free feed...ya right....we have a lab! Does anyone have their pup on this and how much do you feed per day. She is 12 lbs and 12 weeks old, she's a little thing.
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    Did she have a grain intolerance at the breeders?

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    how was that diagnosed?

    it would be pretty strange for a puppy to have allergies.

    is the earthborn properly balanced for a puppy? most grain free foods are not.

    is this puppy from a good breeder that knows their lines? if so have you talked to them?
    what food was the puppy on when you brought them home and did you change it?

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    Dogs generally don't develop food intolerance until much older than 12 weeks.
    As for your question about how much to feed.. I would start by trying three cups a day (split into three meals). If her poops get mushy, then cut back the amount. (too much food is a common cause of loose poops) If she's too thin, increase the amount.

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