We have a just 6 year old, athletic yellow female. She exercises daily, and swims almost daily as well - weighs 55-58lbs. Last week she jumped into the back of my friends SUV chasing her labby friend up there. She kind of winced and came down out of the car and started to lick her back right hind leg. I massaged it, and within minutes she seemed fine. Didn't really think anything of it.

Well, it's been a week, and every now and then, she will act like it bothers her. No limping, crying - she'll be running or playing with a friend, and then stop, and act like her leg is bothering her or even cry out for a quick second - so fast, I can't tell if it's her or the pup we are fostering - but know it's her because she will stop playing - completely unlike her. The one other thing that is unlike her is that she is cautious about jumping up onto things - our couch, the car - something that she has NEVER had an issue with before - she's like a springboard!

So rewind two weeks ago - positive lyme titer. She has had one 3 years ago, did her regime of doxy and was fine (asymptomatic when she started meds). She just had another positive test, once again, asymptomatic - vet said we didn't have to do doxy and could just do a urine test.

Well, since she is still acting a bit funny about that leg, I decided to do the doxy and have been giving her rimadyl. I have forced her to stop exercising starting today (yesterday we didn't let her run or play). She loves to play.

Do you think it could be lymes? Vet said I would be able to tell in a few days. What else could it be? She doesn't seem to have any tenderness when I manipulate her hind leg. And like I said before, will run, swim, retrieve...without any obvious discomfort.

What else could it be? Simple ligament strain?? Can't imagine it could be a ACL tear with the way she is playing...?

Thanks all!