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Thread: Food Question 1.5 yr old lab

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    DefaultFood Question 1.5 yr old lab

    I have a gorgeous 1.5 yr old black lab, but she will not eat the dry food I give her. I feed her Blue brand, chicken and rice, but recently switched to the taste of the wild series, red meat flavor but still she just picks at it. If I add a half can of wet and mix it up, she eats it no problem but her poop is then very moist which I am assuming is not good either. Any suggestions? Has anyone else had a picky eating black lab? Thanks Mike

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    Look at my post on Bil-Jac. Fixed my problem for sure. It is kibble with meat and vitamins added, it comes in 8 pound bags,frozen. You thaw it out in the fridge and keep it refrigerated. High marks from my vet.

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