Extreme Itchiness, Scratching 24/7
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Thread: Extreme Itchiness, Scratching 24/7

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    DefaultExtreme Itchiness, Scratching 24/7

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem with their lab?

    My lab is itching non-stop and scratches himself like crazy with his hind leg. Sometimes he also likes rolling around in the grass to get that itch.
    I've taken him to the vet and they've done all sorts of tests, prescribed medication, shampoos, and the like, and yet after $1000 later, they still can't recommend anything useful. None of their advice has worked or done anything to relieve his itchiness and it's killing me to see him suffer. I'm considering changing vets as soon as I get my monthly paycheck and can afford to take him again, but now I just really want to help cure this for him in any way possible.
    In the meantime, I would appreciate any help or advice!

    - intense itchiness (at worst times, he gets up every 5 - 10 minutes to scratch, lick and bite constantly). There's hardly a moment where I can see him when he's not scratching or biting away.
    - hair loss on arm pits, above stomach area, hind legs, face, snout, around eyes, paws
    * hair loss not extreme but very noticeable. Some parts are worse than others. He's rubbing his face so hard on the sofa that he's drawing blood.
    - hair is not growing back, resulting in greyish skin especially on hind legs near joints
    - when we put our arms around him, giving him a hug, we came away itchy as well. Little red spots appear on our arms (like mosquito bites) and are intensively itchy! But they disappear after a couple of minutes/hours and never last long. Our vet has suggested this is because we are allergic to our lab, prompting me to explain again and again that this happens to EVERYONE that comes into contact with our dog

    - no fleas/ticks
    - skin scrapes to test for mange (which came back negative)
    - tape test for yeast infection/bacteria (results were clean; everything normal)
    - prescribed Advantage Multi which we've been applying as per instructions for 3 + months with no results
    - given Medicated shampoo and anti-dandruff shampoo, told to use once per week, alternating between the two. Again no relief and ineffective
    - prescribed steroids to help with inflammation
    - other medication/pills to help with itchiness... none which helped but sure did cost a small fortune
    - been in and out of vet examinations numerous times, and each time our vet has been unable to help us in any way, leaving us both heartbroken and frustrated!

    - very itchy, constantly, to the point of sometimes whiny as he scratches
    - is still an adorable, happy lab albeit being really down for being so itchy
    - eats regularly, water intake normal
    - activity level normal. goes happily on walks
    - pooping regular

    We are feeding him the grain free dog food from Costco. Originally he was on Pro Plan adult formula, but food might not have any relation with it because he has been this itchy on both kinds of food, and switching to grain free hasn't helped in terms of his itch.
    I've done some googling on the internet and have come to believe it's mange, but if it was mange why isn't Advantage Multi working against it?

    Please if anyone has ANY suggestions or advice on how to help, it would be greatly appreciated!
    Recently, he's been biting away at his paws and at his backside, tearing away the fur and leaving exposed skin that while I was away at work, he's been chewing/worrying away at to make it red, bleeding, and an open wound.

    I have taken some pictures as references to show my vet on our next visit but in the meantime I just want to do everything in my power to help him. He can't sleep... constantly scratching away. The only time he has any sort of relief is when he actually does manage to fall asleep. Also, in case any one is wondering, this has been going on for over half a year, during which time we have been consistently to our local vet with zero results.

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    I dont have much to offer but this sounds awful for your poor lab!! Other than a new vet if you change if it was me i might look towards something holistic? if possible. but then again i really dont have any experience in this kind of problem other than what i would think to do for my lab.

    Really hope you get answers soon!

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    Try a oatmeal shampoo and oatmeal conditioner used on my dog bought it on amazon was instant releaf for my dog.
    good luck.

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    Perhaps there is nothing medically wrong and it's a bad habit that's got out of control?

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    Try essential oils? I know DoTerra essential oils do carry oils for certain ailments on dogs... I feel for your dog.. Hope she improves quickly... Hang in there!

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    I Feel So Badly for your dog, My first thought was go to a new vet....a fresh set of eyes may be helpful. Also do you have a vet school near by? The Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner That was mentioned, would be a good idea. Maybe there something in your carpet he's allergic to? I use an essential oil and vinegar mix on my puppy to combat fleas and tics, Lavendar Oil Is an awesome oil for itching and healing, always use a carrier oil such as almond oil, or use a base of witch hazel, or vinegar be careful around the face, eyes and genitals. Here is a website I found for you but there are many other sites you can research. Good Luck

    Safe Essential Oils for Dogs | Aromatherapy for Dogs

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    the fact that you and everyone else gets red itchy bumps after touching your dog puzzles me. Have you shown these bite marks to your doctor?
    Hamilton, Rescued October 4, 2011 at the age of four, background unknown. Hamilton is extremely lovable!!!!

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    if others are getting red itchy bumps i would say fleas.

    have you don't anything regarding his food?
    what do you feed him?
    have you tried an elimination diet?

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