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    Defaultbumps on tongue

    i have recently found some bumps on my 9 month old labx's tongue. it is at the tip of his tongue, but off to the side, about where the tongue would rest on his canine tooth when sitting in his mouth normally. The bottom of it has a few small white lumps that are hard and the top looks like a large white lump inside the tongue (isnt a bump, but i can see it) and the top has a small red lump as well, which might be a lump that has been rubbed on something and bled a bit.
    Im not sure if he has hurt his tongue on a toy (his favourite toy at the moment is a plank of wood...), had a reaction to something, has an ulcer, or if it is something a bit more serious.
    He seems a bit more lethargic than normal, but he has got great dane in him, so he is normally a sooky low energy dog. Nothing else has changed about him, but he has had an upset stomach recently (which is also normal for him).
    Does anyone have any suggestions about what it might be, or have experienced something like this before? I have him booked in to go to the vet in 2 days, so i just wanted to see what other people thought before i took him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickyh View Post
    he has had an upset stomach recently (which is also normal for him).
    Can i ask why it is normal for him to have an upset stomach? does he have GI issues? I don't know what could have caused the bumps, maybe an allergic reaction to something, has he ate/drank anything different? Did you ask advice from the vet when booking the appt as to whether it was an urgent situation?

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