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    DefaultLooking for suggestions...

    Any ideas would be appreciated!
    Hello, I am new to the forum.
    My beautiful Black Lab Dea (pronounced Day-ah) has been a very healthy lab and she is approaching 10 years old...in October. Last weekend she suddenly seemed to have lost strength in her left rear leg and then it seemed to be a stability loss in her hips. She had X-rays at the vet and her hips and legs look good, no arthritis, but she seems to have some extra bone growth back there(I saw the X-rays but can't remember if it was on her hips or legs?). The vet seems to think that possibly this extra bone is somehow putting pressure on her spine. She seems today almost normal when walking at a good clip but gets less stable as she slows or stops. The vet had given us rimadyl for a previous rt front leg issue (which I gave her very little of) and suggested at this time that we try that for a week. She had sent Dea's X-rays to a radiologist who recommended a cat scan or MRI. She thought to try the rimadyl for a week and see if she improved. After a day and a half she definitely improved but I became concerned as she began to groan much more than usual. When I went online I read that rimadyl can be deadly for labs...so, as you might guess, we have stopped it. My plan at this point is to try holistic vet, maybe one that does acupuncture and adjust her spine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Forgive me for posting this twice but I think I may have posted it in the wrong place. I'm new to the forum.

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    I'm no vet, but I think the thing with Rimadyl is that it can cause Kidney or liver failure? Just like humans can have adverse affects from too much ibuprofin, acetaminophen, etc...My 12 year old lab is on Rimadyl too. But the vet will do bloodwork to check his enzymes every so often to make sure its not causing him problems.

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