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    DefaultInfinia dog food

    Does anyone have experience with Infinia Salmon and Sweet Potato food for a 5 month old? Just switching over from Eukanuba LBP which we think is causing very loose stools at night. Switched him to rice only for 24 hours and it stopped. Should I mix new with old (even though it caused the problem) or bite the bullet and just switch? Either way it's not gonna be pretty. Thoughts?

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    No expert..
    But I think you should slowly make the switch
    I know when I got Moses and I switched to a better dog food.It took about 2 weeks .
    Each day slowing add more of the new food ...
    First day 90% old 10 percent new
    Second day 80 to 85 % old 10 to15 % new...etc..

    .....Dryfo is the expert when it comes to food

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    As far as switching goes verify with your vet
    They should be able to suggest over the phone ( to go gradual or all at once)
    I went gradual and no poop problems or other problems

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    Agree with JIMBO B......go gradual and over the course of 2 weeks or so switch over to the new food.

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    Never heard of the food but you need to know that the calcium is the proper amount for a growing Lab and also the calcium/phosphorous ratio which should be 1.2:1

    If the pups old food has caused severe loose stools I would tend to do a cold turkey switch and add baby rice cereal to the kibble with water added to help prevent loose stools.

    Also grain free foods have higher calories so compare the amount of calories in old food to new to be sure you don't over feed which in itself can cause loose stools.

    Grain free should always be fed with water added to help aid in the digestion of the higher protein. Not sure what the protein percentage is in the new food you mention.

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