Large cut on webbing between toes.
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Thread: Large cut on webbing between toes.

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    DefaultLarge cut on webbing between toes.

    Today, my boy managed to cut the webbing really deep. I can see that it was severe enough to split the web and is affecting a large area. I have applied peroxide, then neosporin and then bandaged it in a sock.

    My question is this - withot stitches the webbing will not close perfectly together. Assuming that healing goes well, are there any long-term issues with webbing or lack thereof? Does it affect toe support in any way? Does the webbing need to be sstitched not only to ensure healing but to also ensure proper toe/foot function?

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    I'm sorry to hear that your boy is hurt. I can't answer your questions but I would recommend taking him to the Vet just to be sure.

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