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    The other night, me and my boyfriend were laying on the floor playin with Bo. I think he got a little too excited and he started humping my head!! :-[ Just wondering but is he trying to dominate me or is he just a little too happy? I told him NO in a firm way and pushed him away. He has also humpped my foot and Jason's shoulder when we were playing with him another night. My boyfriend told me to let him do it until he stops but......... I dont think so!! If he lets him do that, he'll wanna do it all the time, right??? Help a sister out please!!!!!! Why is he doing that??

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    Don't let him hump you. He needs to be taught he is not the boss. Hershey used to try humping me alot, especially when he was around a year old. Now at 2 he seems to have outgrown it most of the time.


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