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Thread: any advice please!!

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    Defaultany advice please!!

    My 9 week old black lab ,moose, has been very lethargic not eating very much sleeping a ton. Not being his cute puppy self like when we got him. We took him into the vet yesterday and they said that it looks like its liver disease . They are doing a bile test today so they can determine if it toxin liver disease or shunt liver disease . I'm just looking for people that have had experience with any type of liver disease in there labs. how did you or are you treating it? Is your dog living a normal life? what is the life span for dogs with liver disease? I'm kind of freaking out right now just cause this is our first dog and he has stolen my heart more then I ever thought possible. Please any advice or experience would help so much !
    Thanks Codi and moose

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    If there was a breeder involved I would certainly call them now. All the best to you and Moose, thoughts and prayers this all gets sorted out.

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